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TradeMarkAPI Trade Mark Application Interface

What is it?

TradeMarkAPI offers world leading trade mark application software adapted for simple drop-in implementation on any standard website.

Our trade mark application interface loads from the cloud offering intelligent cross class availability searching and intuitive classification from intuitive goods and service picking.

TradeMarkAPI is the industry standard whitelabel trade mark application software solution trusted by trade mark professionals around the world.

Get paid immediately

The TradeMarkAPI system transfers funds received from trademark applicants directly into your PayPal account, and, including by sending you payment notification messages, reduces your administration time in preparing and filing trademark applications.

How does it work?

The TradeMarkAPI interface is implemented without any programming whatsoever by the simple inclusion of the following single line of JavaScript within any existing web page:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Once included, in the above script will dynamically load the trade mark application interface allowing trade mark applicants to file trade mark applications directly through your website.

TradeMarkAPI provides a back-end allowing for the retrieval of trade mark application information, provides for messaging so as to alert you when trade mark applications are received and allows for your receipts of payments directly into your PayPal account

At a glance

The following exemplary trade mark application interface will appear on your own website:

TradeMarkAPI trade mark application interface

The interface provides full availability searching, leveraging off our over 10 million trade mark records updated daily, to perform intelligent cross class availability searching to provide an indication to the trade mark applicant whether their trade mark would be available.

Potentially conflicting trade marks are displayed to the user, allowing the user to view the bibliographic information for each potentially conflicting trade mark.

The interface also provides in churches class picking, allowing trade mark applicant to simply input everyday words to describe the use of the intended use of the trade mark so as to have the interface selecting most appropriate trade mark classes.

Receive design trade mark applications

TradeMarkAPI also allows for the simple handling of design trade mark applications allowing trade mark applicants to upload their design representations in a simple manner, while retaining the availability searching capabilities for any words within the design:

TradeMarkAPI design trade mark application interface

Next steps

For more information, please contact us for more information or get started in adding our trade mark filing interface to your website.