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title:Trade Mark Classification Picking summary:Discover how the automated TradeMarkApi Trade Mark Classification Picking makes trade mark classification not only intuitive for your trade mark applicants but also accuracte

Intuitive Goods and Services classification

What is it?

The TradeMarkAPI trade mark application interface automates the classification of trade mark goods and services, in allowing trade mark applicants to input natural language search strings so as to select the most appropriate classes in a simple and intuitive manner, even for those trade mark applicants not familiar with the trade mark classification system.

How does it work?

The TradeMarkAPI trade mark application interface allows trade mark applicants to input intuitive natural language search query strings such as "software" "beer" and the like to receive a list of matching goods and services items sorted in accordance with correct classification, allowing the trade mark applicant to select the most appropriate classes:

TradeMarkAPI class picking

Automated availability searching

Upon receipt of a trade mark classification selection by a trade mark applicant, the TradeMarkAPI automatically initiates a trade mark availability search based on the class is chosen by the trade mark applicant. In this manner, the trade mark applicant may choose those trade mark classes which would most likely result in trade mark registration.

Next steps

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